6 Best Baby Foods To Introduce To 6 Month Old Babies

6 Best Baby Foods To Introduce To 6 Month Old Babies

Introducing solids is one of the greatest transitions for your baby. As a mother or anyone closer to the baby, you must be feeling very anxious and at the same time excited. Even 6-month-old babies are choosy.You may have to brainstorm sometimes to make their meal interesting. Safe, non-allergic, effortlessly digestible, wholesome, and nutritious foods are recommended when you start solids for the first time.

The best baby foods are usually the most available around us locally and have been trusted by parents for ages. You should start with light single-ingredient recipes and later give the best combination foods.

Let’s have a look into some trusted traditional baby food recipes and their goodness.

1. Banana

Bananas are the best first fruits. There are different varieties of bananas, among them, there are a few which is given exclusively to infants in some cultures. The Kannankaya is one such banana. Grandmas used to plant these banana plants anticipating the arrival of their beloved grandchildren. When the banana is matured, they clean it and were sun-dried. These were saved for a long time and used as per requirement by making them into fine powder. This powder is used to make porridge at any desired time. Banana Nendran is also a nutritious variety that can be introduced to babies in the same way.

Bananas are packed with carbohydrates and essential nutrients that babies need to nurture. It is a fact that bananas have more antioxidants than many berries and vegetables.

The ripeness of bananas determines the level of nutrients in them. For example, all bananas contain a good amount of fiber to maintain a healthy digestive system, but less-ripe bananas have more prebiotic fiber than ripe bananas, which hold more soluble fiber.

BabyVita brings different varieties of bananas as single ingredients and combinations of baby foods. Babyvita Kannankaya powder and Nendran banana powder are single-ingredient solids that can be introduced to 6-month babies. There are no preservatives in this packaged baby food. They recommend using it within the first month itself.

2. Ragi

Ragi is another cereal introduced to babies in their early stages itself. Ragi can be given as the first solid in the form of a loose porridge. It is either soaked and ground to take the ragi milk or finely powdered whole to make the porridge for little ones. Ragi is a rich source of iron which improves the immunity of the little growing people and obstructs from having anemia. Ragi flour for babies is one of the best foods that help in gaining weight and strengthening muscles.

BabyVita is the best option for Ragi powder baby food in the market. There is nothing more than good quality de-husked powdered ragi acquired from farmers, nothing more. 

3. Barley

Another cereal that can be fed to babies when they turn 6 months is barley. Barley has good amounts of protein that helps in growth, energy from carbohydrates, and fiber for healthy digestion. Some elements in barley improve gut and immune health. Barley contains gluten and is therefore not safe for those who are gluten sensitive. Just like other baby food porridges make it smooth for babies to swallow easily.

4. Rice

Rice is a highly recommended first grain for babies since it is easy to digest, non-allergic, and has a smooth texture it gives. Offer small quantities of smooth paste like porridge when the baby is 6 months. There are healthier varieties of rice that can be given to infants, for instance, Navara rice. It is important to introduce the staple foods of the region so that they will eventually adjust to elder’s meals when they grow up. Rice is a great source of carbohydrates, which supply the energy that babies need to grow and develop. Also, it contributes to their protein, calcium, and B-vitamin intakes. It is recommended to introduce one food at a time to check for allergies. later the following combinations of the first solids can be added to their meals. For example, Rice and banana make a perfect blend of baby food. BabyVita has this perfect combination of baby food of Kannankaya and Navara rice 

5. Wheat

It’s a great source of carbohydrates, which provide the energy that babies need to grow and develop as well as contribute to their protein, calcium, and B-vitamin intakes. Wheat offers an abundance of carbohydrates plus some fiber and protein, too. Wheat is usually fed to babies in combinations rather than as a single ingredient solid. But still, small quantities of wheat is good for them. Some popular baby foods that contain wheat are BabyVita Wheat Apple powder, BabyVita wheat banana powder.

6. Apple

Apples may be given to 6-month-old babies. The fruit should be deseeded, cooked, and mashed. Apples contain fiber, vitamin C, vitamin B6, and antioxidants to help a growing baby to develop and improve immunity. 

We all know how safer it is to make our child’s food at home. But these days there are so many reasons for parents to justify the usage of packaged food. BabyVita does not use any kind of added components or preservatives. So, they recommend using their product within the first month itself. It is a safe and healthy option to start with.

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